Eggy Bread In The Morning


I lighten up my kids’ morning by making a very easy-to-make breakfast for them. One of these is the eggy bread. I learned this from my sister Aisha, who also learned from her husband, Steven. Mine is  a little bit different from hers because I put  spreads with it so my Kids would love it more.

I will need: slice bread (all sides are cut), one fresh egg, 1/4 cup of milk, honey/hotcake syrup, Nutella, butter

Beat the eggs together with the milk and put the slice bread to absorb the liquid. Heat the pan under low fire and put some butter just enough to grease the pan. Put the bread and fry until golden brown. Put it in a plate and spread Nutella all over it. then put the syrup over. Slurp!


The Best Noodle Stop In Penang


Working as a  volunteer at South Thailand, I do my visa run in Penang which gives me and my family an opportunity to visit the place. Money is not much of a problem if we stay in Penang if you know where the best bargains are. Since we have to stay there for two nights, we needed a cheap place  and cheap food our Filipino mouths could swallow. Chulia Street offers so many guest houses that doesn’t hurt the pocket. We  usually stay at NJ Guest House and take the room with toilet and bath which costs only for 40RM, 400 in Thai Bhat (13-14 US dollars). Across Crystal Guesthouse a noodle cart comes every 6pm and serves it hot. Western people love to stop and eat and food bloggers stop to take pictures. Local people also have to stop to take home for dinner. You could enjoy a big bowl at only for 38 (a dollar) bhat but the noodle with soy sauce is  the best. Hmmmm… the best noodles I ever tasted…I guess not in the whole world (since I haven’t been around all the countries)…but the best noodle I ever tasted. I do look forward going back to Penang just for this noodle stop.

Thea’s 3rd Birthday Party


I just had my daughter’s 3rd birthday party last week. The preparation was a rush because of little time.  We had pinata, treasure hunting, and a raffle draw for the kids’ activities. Since Thea, my daughter, wanted a  Dora party, we had Dora and her two friends over her cake. We also have Dora on her posters, hats, plates, cups, balloons and even on her pinata pot. We had gifts for her and for the raffle draw,  each kid won a prize of toys, school supplies. wallets and accessories. Everyone was happy because  no one left empty handed. There were also older people enjoying the party with us. My brother made a mouth watering pork sinugba  (grilled pork) that went with pinakurat suka (famous vinegar dip in Mindanao)  and his wife prepared the super crispy and delicious fried chicken which the kids really loved.My daughter never stopped talking about her 3rd birthday party for months. Seeing her so happy made every effort worthwhile.



Our family plans to go settle in Thailand for a few years. We  are praying that my husband could find a job in an oil and gas company and continue his career as an engineer. We are also praying that we could fit in and help on a ministry in South Thailand.

We had a scheduled plan to go already but plans changed when we knew that the DFA changed their system on how long the passports could be released after processing.  They already have a fixed schedule for the passports to be released and it would take me almost two months to wait. Before, it would just take a week or two to process the passports. The long wait an be cvery inconvenient for people who have little time to prepare to go abroad.

Anyway, there’s nothing that we can do to change back their system but to wait and see what are other things that need to be done before we leave.

Heidi Mendoza: The Soaring Eagle


I learned form my ISOM Bible School that birds always flock together, some kinds fly in a big groups. But Eagles fly mostly alone. They don’t need to fly in big groups, they don’t go where other else go and they don’t need to follow  leaders. One thing that amazes me about an eagle also is that they would rather fly against the wind, because that is the time they can soar much higher.

That is Heidi Mendoza, a soaring eagle. She is COA’s former auditor who bravely exposed AFP’s corruption. Even though full of fear, risked her life and her family’s to be able to shout to the whole nation that we need reforms within the system and  a clean government. A symbol of integrity and and an example of integrity. We shout with Heidi. We hope those people’s ears will bleed if they pretend they don’t hear and may their hearts stop beating if they don’t have conscience.



My daughter and her cousin are just like me and my older sister. It’s like when we were still kids. They way they look are almost the same as us which is funny. They have this kinda sneaky look that they’re going to do something. It’s fun to look at them play with each other. It brings back a lot of memories.

Hannah Naomi


The newest addition to my family is Hannah Naomi. She was born last August, very healthy, and is just adorable. Her sister Thea sometimes get jealous when my dad would hold Hannah. Thea loves my dad but she still can’t get over having a sister. Thea does love Hannah and hope someday she’ll get over her jealousy. Hannah has curly hair like her Aunt Aisha. She shows a bit of her personality sometimes like being strict when it comes to eating, she doesn’t want to be disturbed. I love my kids so much and wish their dad is here. He really works hard for us. Someday, we’ll all be together.