Treating Asthma With Lagundi While Pregnant


The thing that really irritates me when I am pregnant is that I cannot just treat cough and asthma with usual the medicines at the pharmacy. Scared to hurt the child inside my womb, I never took any medicine at all. I had the cough for two months already. It was getting worse because I had asthma during the night. My throat would itch so much and when I cough there was blood with on my saliva. My mom brought the leaves of Lagundi one day and boiled it also for me. The shrub Lagundi  has a scientific name of Nigundo vitex and is considered in the Philippines and in Japan as having a therapeutic value. Its roots are also used to treat leprosy and rheumatism, and its seeds, flowers, leaves are used for coughs, fever and flu.

To prepare Lagundi to treat an cough with asthma, just boil fresh leaves in 2 cups of water for 10 minutes. Mine was treated after a drank a cup.


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  1. hi!! thanks for your post about Lagundi,it’s very heLpfuL especiaLy to those peopLe suffering from cough and asthma during their pregnancy Like me! Was really looking for some heLpfuL advice on how to treat my dry cough as i am on my 27th week of my pregnancy and so i LuckiLy found your post..thanks!

  2. Is this for real, I am 31 weks pregnant and now this dry cough is really killing me for almost a a week now. I have tried drinking ginger tea as they say it helps heals sore throat but after 2 days of drinking nothing happens. My cousin told me to try drinking ampalaya leaves juice so that phlegm would come out as it is the reason why cough gets dries. But like ginger tea, nothing happens. For 4 nights I have been suffering with dry cough and its really painful. Do you think this Lagundi leaves will really help. Thanks much..

    • I am an asthmatic since three years old. It became better when I reached adulthood which means I only have asthma whenever I catch a flu and develops a cough afterwards. My immune system was low whenever I am pregnant. When I had it during my second pregnancy I thought of my mother’s advice of drinking the water from the boiled leaves would help, then I gave it for a try. It did work well on me after a day of drinking theraphy. I hope this blog could help and work well for those who take interest on my experience about this.

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