The Queen’s Meme ~ Easter


I’m joining in The Queen’s Meme where you answer certain questions posted by Mimi Lenox.

What does Easter mean to you (if that is not too personal)? Easter is not about the bunny and chocolates and egg hunting. For me, it is about my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s remembrance of being risen from the dead. He’s God and will always be.

When did you last go on an Easter egg hunt? Did you find anything? I’ve never been on an egg hunt, sorry.

Your favorite celebrity is dressed up in a bunny outfit and about to jump out of a cake. Who is it? Al Pacino

What is the most unusual thing you’ve ever done with Easter eggs? We just cook and ate the inside of the egg 😀

What’s your favorite color of peeps? PINK

Do you believe in the Easter Bunny? Sorry, I think bunnies are cute but no, I don’t believe in easter bunnies

Imagine: You are invited to the White House for the annual Easter egg hunt. What surprise should President Obama put in each egg for the kids? Tickets to Disney

What’s your favorite kind of candy to eat at Easter? Definitely chocolates

Have you ever dyed eggs for Easter? nope

You have just found a genuine Faberge egg (like the one pictured here) worth millions of dollars. Would you keep it or sell it for cash at auction? What would you do with the money? I would auction it and then buy a house and plan for my kids’ education

Do you have an Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it? Sorry, none.
Show us a picture of your hat.

Please share any special Easter memories or traditions you have with us.
For me, it’s when me and my family will get to go to church together and celebrate it after by eating together.


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